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Signature Cubbies Animals

Signature Cubbies Animals

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All of these cuddly stuffed toys are official Cubbies designs.  

Tumbleberry Giraffe has a yellow body, brown patches, two floppy ears, two yellow & brown ossicones, a long spotted tail, big black eyes, a long mouth & some orange hair.

Big Mike the Dinosaur has a green spotted body with pretty black & green eyes.

Pink Floral Bunny aka “Clovis Brampton” is a classic Cubbies design with a corduroy grey body, decorated, patterned ears, arms, & feet, & big black eyes.

Harley Elephant is a classic Cubbies design with a grey body, large decorated, patterned ears, arms, & feet, big eyes, two white tusks, & grey trunk.

Elle Elephant has a grey body, large grey ears, a trunk a cute smile & black eyes.

Mr. Shigglesworth the turtle has a green body & white patterned shell, green feet & big green eyes.

Easy to embroider with removable stuffing.

Machine washable, just unzip and take the removable stuffing out before washing.  This will ensure the stuffed animal won’t be misshapen over time.

Approximately size is 13” tall sitting.

Safe for all ages.

To personalize your Cubbie go to the Monograms or Names tab under Personalize an item here.

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